View 360° Fire & Rescue Command vehicle

BWC commandlogoBWC DimsA clear understanding and close relationship with our customers has guided us to this solution. For many years we have been scouring the body worn landscape, trialling solution after solution, looking for a body worn camera that ticks all the boxes for our specialist clients’ needs. And now we believe we have it, a body worn camera that delivers superior quality and looks great. Not just great pictures, video and superior resilient communication links, this camera is rugged, waterproof and simple to operate with an unmatched series of accessories that fits most if not all situations. We understand that budgets are tight right now, this camera does not break the bank, in fact far from it, and believe it or not we were pleasantly shocked by the price.
You asked for overt, rugged, reliable, waterproof, simple to operate at a reasonable price, well we have it.

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