View 360° Fire & Rescue Command vehicle

Docking station commandlogo 2Docking startionAccounting for deployed body worn cameras is a chore to say the least. Management of the storage and sim cards also hurts. Keeping track of the video and clearing the hours of nothing has been a full time job. When time is of the essence and your priority is client safety or saving lives, any time saved not managing technology is most valuable. This docking station is amazing, when docked it allow you to securely watch and manage stored images and video then and there on the built in touch screen. It will lock the camera in place so only the owner can remove it, a feature we have not seen before. In fact, most docking stations seem to be modified chargers with little thought of the bigger picture. This docking station is properly wall mounted, looks great as well as reasonably priced making for a worthwhile investment.

Specifications Data-Docking-Station-Specification.pdf